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Locksmith’s insurance tips for Croydon residents

When it comes to insurance home security is very important in a locksmith will tell you that there is a big difference between a cheap lock and a good quality lock and there’s an even bigger difference between a good quality lock and an insurance approved lock.

So here at Mint locksmith’s ( http://www.mintlocksmithscroydon.co.uk/ ) we decided to put together this quick guide for Croydon residents and of course any home owners so that you can check that your home is secure and your locks are insurance approved.

Tip 1, Always fit insurance approved locks

Locksmith InsuranceAlways make sure that the locks on your external doors are of the highest standard now in general a high standard of lock you can get fitted to your property is an insurance approved lock this means that it has been through a rigourous testing process and that it meets all of the high standards of the insurance companies.

And this also means that you will be protected if anybody breaks in through the locks as they are of the highest possible standard and you couldn’t have had any more protection against this incident so you’ll have no problem with getting paid out by your insurance company.

Lots of people do not realise that if you do not have insurance approved locks on your home and somebody breaks in via the door there is a good chance that your insurance company will not pay out in full this is why insurance approved locks or so important.

Tip 2, Always fit high security window locks

Always make sure that you have adequate window and catch locks a lot of people forget to put locks on their Windows when they move into their property but this is a very important area that must not be neglected. As a lot of burglaries happen by gaining access through windows this is why window locks are so important.

Window locks will also reduce your insurance premium if you notify your insurance company that you have fitted locks to all of your Windows and that you have taken the security of your home seriously they will see you as less of a risk and this will reduce your insurance premium and save you money.

So this is why we recommend that everybody should have good quality window locks fitted for not only when it’s closed but when it is open that’s right a lot of people don’t bother to get window locks that lock the window in place when it is open as well stop anybody from opening a wide and climb in through the window but these are just as important as locks that secure the window when it’s closed.

Tip 3, The importance of internal door locks

Internal door locks an area that is often overlooked when securing your property is internal door locks now if you ask any locksmith they will tell you that if you have internal door locks this will reduce the amount you pay an insurance and also make your home a lot secure. This is because if someone does gain access to one of the rooms they cannot automatically gain access to the rest of the home, thus preventing you from losing any valuables that are not in that room.

This is such a simple step but will once again dramatically reduce the amount of money you have to pay in insurance premiums because the insurance company can see that you take your home security very seriously and is they know that if somebody does break into your property that the insurance payout will be a lot less because they have limited access throughout a home this is why we think as locksmith that internal door locks are so important.

Tip 4, The importance of having a safe

Secure your valuables another thing that I am often telling people as a locksmith is that you need to secure your small valuable items such as jewellery lets face it we all have pieces of expensive jewellery whether that be an expensive watch or a diamond ring these things are incredibly valuable and very easy to take when someone breaks into your home this is why you need to secure these items against such situations and this is where a wall or floor safe comes into play.

If you really want to secure your small valuable items then having a floor or wall safe is the best way to go as this will protect all of your small items from those opportunist thieves and also once again reduce your insurance premiums.

Tip 5, Protect your belongings with Smart water

Protect your belongings with Smart water now recently in the locksmith and security trade there has been a number of new developments example smart water you can now get special pens that you can write on your property such as televisions, blue ray players and other high-value items with a special pen that can only be seen under UV light. So the thief won’t know that these markings are there but if anybody recovers your stored in property they will be able to automatically know who it belongs to using smart water and other such technology the police force in Croydon area have managed to reduce burglaries and increase conviction rates by a dramatic percentage.

Tip 6, Always fit a house alarm

House alarm there is nothing more of a deterrent when a burglar looks at your property than a house alarm not only is it very good at preventing burglary but it is a very powerful deterrent. If a burglar comes to property and can see that it has a house alarm in general they just won’t bother they will move on to another property that is an easier target and will not draw so much attention to them are number one tip as a locksmith would be to fit a house alarm.

House alarm’s do not need to be expensive you can pick some up from your local hardware or DIY store and fit them yourself this will give you a low-cost but high-value security.

So in general if you make sure each one of these steps are covered you will not only reduce your insurance premium but will make your home a lot more safe and secure against any opportunist thieves. I hope you found all of this information useful as we see a lot of things over the years as locksmith so we’d like to make sure that your home is as protected as possible.

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